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How I Got Here

Lucy Calderon is a political activist, organizer, and journalist from Louisville, Kentucky. She is a Roy H. Park Scholar receiving her bachelor's from Ithaca College in Journalism with minors in Women’s and Gender Studies and Health Policy and Management. Growing up a Jewish woman in the Bible Belt of the United States, Lucy’s experiences have driven her work. 

Lucy is currently reporting on social justice in Tompkins County with a concentration on reproductive health. 

Lucy kickstarted her journalism career in the nationally award-winning Journalism & Communication magnet at duPont Manual High School. Since then, her work has appeared on MSNBC, Fox News, The Courier-Journal (the highest circulation newspaper in Kentucky), The Ithacan, Buzzsaw Newsmagazine, Dear World, and Ithaca College Television. She has held internships for Louisville’s NBC affiliate WAVE 3 News, Dear World, Amy McGrath for U.S. Senate, Planned Parenthood, and Ithaca College Hillel. 

When Lucy is not dancing with IC Unbound Dance Company, trying out a cool new restaurant, or immersed in the world of a good book, she devotes most of her time to her relentless pursuit of meaningful change in her communities, specifically for reproductive health justice. With seven years of journalism education under her belt, Lucy uses her communication skills to advocate for human rights and to elevate voices in underserved communities.

Most recently, she was the Coalition Director for Women on Charles Booker’s U.S. Senate Campaign in Kentucky.  

Lucy believes that the journalism world is ever-evolving and that people can be credible journalists while also proudly displaying the values that drive them. 

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